The emergence of compassion from complexity

Physicists say time has a direction of increasing disorder. The direction of complexity and the connectedness of life is moving in the opposite direction toward increasing order and the rate of increase is accelerating. An unexpected outcome of this will be a parallel increase in compassion. This website seeks to make the natural connection between complexity and compassion obvious and increase understanding of the phenomenon as we move to a thousand years of compassion.

Social Compassion

Organizations can enhance their adaptability and success through the predictive optimization of compassion

Individual Compassion

Compassion is the highest level of predictive optimization for individuals

Complexity and Compassion

The science of complexity as information efficiency and how  compassion is an emergent property of that efficiency

Four Interdependent Ideas

Health, Nursing and the Science of Compassion

Nursing's role in the science of compassion

The Millennium of Compassion:  Scientific - Personal - Social

The separation between the intellectual domains of science, religion and spirituality is decreasing. The work reflected in this website highlights this change and creates open platforms for the eventual merging of these domains.