About the Logo

The free swirl on the home page is reminiscent of the shell of a sea creature called the nautilus, that is a beautiful demonstration of the naturally occurring complex mathematical patterns called fractals.

This site was created by Mike Taylor RN, MHA, CDE as a platform for the exploration and use of complexity science in the expansion of compassion as a social good.

Our Philosophy

We start from a gratefulness for all the work that has come before us. Complexity science is driving an inevitable and fundamental change in both science and religion. It is not our goal to force a change science or religion as it currently exits but to allow it to change, to adapt as it will. The direction of change is toward a millennium of compassion.

Open to Social Change

​Change is constant but we still seem to be surprised when it happens. The science of complexity says that the rate of change will increase and so we will move from being surprised by change to creating openings for its emergence. The science of compassion is a platform that will help us move to that place.