The Emergence of Efficiency

The most important property of complexity is emergence.

"A derived process is emergent if it has a greater predictive efficiency than the process it derives from. "                                   Cosma Shalizi

In complexity,  systems are emergent through the repetition of a mathematical relationship through multiple cycles. The output of this is increased efficiency in the use of time and space. This is not the efficiency of business efficiency experts, but an emergence that cannot be directed but must be developed through an adaptive process.
Compassion ...
is the most efficient state for individuals and all organizations.

Complexity Confusion

Complexity as referenced on this web site follows both the mathematical models and concepts that have been shown to have validity while at the same time extending these concepts into new realms and uses. There is no system that is strictly ordered nor random. Not all complicated things are complex and simple things are not linear from a mathematical viewpoint.

The Complexity Revolution

More than a science of the parts. More than a science of the whole.

A science of interdependence: organic and emergent