The Efficiency of Compassion in Business

Lean Sigma and Compassion

There are significant similarities in information flow between the nested hierarchy of the brain and the Lean Sigma model of organization. "The efficiency of Nested Hierarchies: Comparing Predictive Processing Commonalities Between the Brain and Lean Sigma with Implications for Healthcare"

Presented by Mike Taylor RN, MHA, CDE at the 7th Annual Complexity in Business Conference, Center for Complexity in Business, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Thursday, November 12, 2015

Social Compassion Defined

Our vision is that a system of social compassion will replace the current authority based system. Social compassion is any leaderless distributed system or process that enhances the adaptive capacity of individuals and hence the overall adaptive capacity of the system. 

The adaptive efficiency of complexity

Creating effective human organizations through the predictive efficiency of compassion.

Consulting, Coaching, and Training Implementations and Interventions:

The Complexity Challenge

The future all organizations face

Privacy: The challenges facing organizations in the 21st century are primarily information and connectivity. While current the major privacy concern is with the individual, in the near future it will be organizational privacy. The amount the companies know about their customers is frightening to individuals. Information is a two-way street and it will not be long before organizations will find that secrets will leak to the public. 
Rapid Change: The pace of change is speeding up because ideas build upon ideas and in our intimately connected world this generates new ideas at a dizzying pace. Organizations need to streamline their information sharing process and value the contribution of all. This includes employees, vendors, and their customers. This new paradigm will require structural changes moving away from hierarchical systems based in authority and leadership to more shared governance, crowdsourcing both internally and externally. Additional training at all levels is helpful to increase the capacity of individuals to effectively cope with and utilize this newfound openness and shared environment.